Emacs Tips and Tricks

The only thing Emacs is missing is a good editor.
     -- Anon

To set a variable:
  M-: (setq variable "value")


Merging files:

To deal with git merge conflicts, use smerge-mode.

smerge-next bound to smerge-command-prefixn to move to next conflict.
smerge-previous bound to smerge-command-prefixp to move to previous conflict.
smerge-keep-current bound to smerge-command-prefixRET to keep the version the cursor is on.
smerge-keep-mine bound to smerge-command-prefixm to keep your changes.
smerge-keep-other bound to smerge-command-prefixo to keep other changes.
smerge-ediff bound to smerge-command-prefixE to start an ediff session to merge the conflicts.