So, I have always been interested in RF stuff and testing tools, especially things like spectrum anaylzers and the like. I have a really nice DC to daylight (well, DC to 7.2Ghz) Anritsu and a large collection of WiFi testers, including a nice Fluke.

I have been looking at some of the USB based WiFi spectrum analyzers, like the ones at ThinkGeek. I wsaw a post on NANOG recommending some outdoor access-points from Ubiquiti Networks and went to go look at their website. As well as some really really interesting outdoor APs that I haven't tried yet, I saw a ridiculously cheap 2.4Ghz USB spectrum analyzer called the AirView-2-EXT .


I bought one, fully expecting it to kind of suck and only run under Windows, but once it arrived and I went to download the software I saw  that they have a Mac version too. The device works great (although the software could be a bit more featured and export stats, etc) and I am really really happy with it. I'm planning on buying some of the APs to test (like an external antenna mounted AP for <$40!)...