So, I recently got a Yaesu VX-8R transceinver -- it is really quite cool, and has all sorts of cool menu options, etc. One of the nice features is built in GPS (well, a GPS that attaches to either the speaker-mic or a special adapter that connects to the mic connector) and bluetooth.




Of course, one of the first things I did when I got it was crack it open and perform the extended TX mod. Only after I did this did I discover that the Smart Search functionality didn't work... I figured that the mod might have made it all grumpy, so I reversed the mod, tried again, reset the unit to factory defaults, etc -- all to no avail.


The instrustion manual says:

  • put the unit in "Mono" receive mode (it won't work in Dual receive)
  • hold down the MODE button and turn the knob to select SMART SEARCH
  • release the MODE button.

and then the radio is supposed to go off and automagically search for signals and program memories.


Instead what would happen is that it would just sit there, displaying something like this



After much poking, prodding, etc I finally gave in an email tech support... Turns out that the manual is incorrect (actually, I think that they just cut and pasted from an earlier model) and that you have to press 9and hold) the BAND button to actualyl start the SmartSearch function. Unfortunatly the online manual still hasn't been updated and this info in not in the FAQ. Oh well, now you know...