So I'm working at this place that is really cheap... Our CTO believes that it is stupid to pay for electricians that have experience working in datacenters, because after all, power is power, right?

So, he calls a bunch of people in the Yellow Pages and hires the cheapest guy he can find. Said person arrives and looks a little goggle eyed at all the power stuff -- I wander back in a few hours later and he is sitting in the middle of the floor reading the Users Manual for the UPS..

Anyway, he manages to run the three new circuits for us without killing himself (although for some reason keeps switching the UPS between online and bypass) and then starts walking out the door... He stops at the door, looks at the big red glowing switch marked "Emergency Power Off" -- and then pushes it..... Everything goes quiet, apart from Rob who got startled and dropped the shelf he was mounting onto his foot.

After we got things turned back on we ask the electrician what exactly he was thinking... "Well, I figured the light was on because you were running on Emergency Power..."