I recently bought a 2010 BMW M3 Convertable. I really like the speech recognition, but can never remember all of the commands. I looked around, but was not able to find them online.





Useful Short Commands
Function Command
Opening a music collection Music collection
Opening the tone control Tone
Opening the settings Settings
Opening the computer Onboard info
Opening the contacts* Contacts
Displaying the phone book* Phonebook
Opening services* Assist
Opening BMW Assist* B M W Assist
Opening the home address* Home address
Opening destination entry* Enter addresst
Opening destination guidance* Guidance



CD / DVD Drive

Playing back a CD C D on
Selecting a CD Select C D
Selecting a CD and track C D .. track... e.g. CD 3 Track 5
Selecting a track C D track... e.g. track 5
Opening the CD and Multimedia menu C D and multimedia
CD and DVD* CD and DVD
Displaying entertainment details on the split screen* Entertainment detail



Music collection

Calling up the current playback Current playback
Opening a music collection Music collection
Playing back a music collection Music collection on
Searching for music; opening the menu Music search
Playing back the most frequently played tracks Top fifty



External Devices
Opening external devices External devices




Opening the tone control Tone




Calling up the radio Radio
Calling up an FM station F M
Opening manual search Manual search
Selecting the frequency range Select frequency
Calling up a station Select station re.g: W-PLJ



Calling up an AM station AM
Opening manual search Manual search



Satellite radio
Calling up the satellite radio Satellite radio
Switching on the satellite radio Satellite radio on
Selecting a satellite radio channel Satellite radio channel... e.g. channel 2
Opening the stored stations Presets
Choosing a stored station Select preset
Selecting a stored station Preset... e.g. stored station 2



Opening the Telephone menu Telephone
Displaying the phone book Phonebook
Redialing Redial
Displaying accepted calls Received call
Dialing a phone number Dial number
Displaying the list of messages Messages
Displaying Bluetooth devices Bluetooth




General information
Navigation menu Navigation
Opening destination entry Enter address
Entering an address Enter address
Opening destination guidance Guidance
Starting destination guidance Start guidance
Ending destination guidance Stop guidance
Opening the home address Home address
Opening the route criteria Route preference
Opening the route Route information
Switching on the voice instructions Switch on voice instructions
Repeating a voice instruction Repeat voice instructions
Switching off the voice instructions Switch off voice instructions
Displaying the address book Address book
Displaying the last destinations Last destinations
Opening the traffic bulletins Traffic lnfo
Special destinations Points of interest



Displaying the map Map
Map facing north Map facing north
Map in the direction of travel Map in direction of travel
Perspective map Map perspective view
Automatic map scaling* Map with automatic scaling
Changing the scale Map scale



Split screen* settings
Split screen Switch on splitscreen
Switching off the split screen Turn off split screen
Adapting the split screen Split screen content
Split screen, current position Split screen current position
Split screen, map facing north Split screen map faclng north
Split screen, direction of travel Split screen map in direction of travel
Split screen, perspective Split screen perspective
Expanded intersection zoom on the split screen Splitscreen Exit ramp view
Split screen scale ... meters* Split screen scale ... meters e.g. split screen scale of 100 meters
Split screen scale... kilometers* Split screen scale ... kilometerst e.g. split screen scale of 5 kilometers
Split screen, highlighting traffic bulletins Split screen, Traffic lnfo map
Split screen, computer Split screen onboard info
Split screen, trip computer Split screen trip computer
Automatically scaling the split screen Split screen automatic scaling



Destination guidance with intermediate destinations
Entering a new destination Enter address
Trip list Stored trips



Opening the contacts Contacts
My contacts My contacts
New contact New Contat



BMW Assist
Opening BMW Assist BMW Assist
Opening BMW Search BMW Search



Vehicle information
Opening the computer Onboard Info
Opening the trip computer Trip computer
Opening the vechile information Vechile info
Opening the vechile status Vechile status



Opening the main menu Main menu
Opening the settings Settings
Opening the options Options
Settings on the Control Display Control Display
Opening the time and date settings Time and Date
Opening the language and unit settings Language and units
Opening the speed limit settings Speed
Opening the light settings Lighting
Opening the door lock settings Door locks



Opening the air conditioning settings Climate